About Me

My name is Oliver, I’ve been an avid gamer for years now and I’ve set this site up to deal with some problems and queries around gaming.

Gaming is a great hobby when everything goes right. But whenever we’re dealing with technology and coding, things can also often go wrong, and that’s what I want to help fix on this site.

The main topics I’ll be covering to start with are:

  • Diagnosing and fixing some common Playstation/PSN error codes (especially the PS4/PS5 NW- error codes).
  • Covering some optimal custom gaming network settings in detail (DNS, MTU, IP, Subnet Mask settings), for the best connections possible.
  • Covering some other general gaming connectivity queries, including how to reduce lag/latency/ping and some home networking solutions for better connectivity for online gaming.

In this way, I hope that if gamers do ever encounter any of these issues, I can get them back to enjoying their gaming as soon as possible.

Happy gaming!


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