Best DNS For Gaming UK (PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox X)

We have several articles on this site covering the question of which DNS servers are best to use for online gaming, but the reality about this is that there is no single pair of DNS servers that everyone around the world could use that would always give the best results.

Unfortunately, networking is not that simple and there are so many factors that come into play with servers such as location, traffic demands and so on. In short, it depends on where you are in the world which DNS servers you should use for gaming.

In this article we want to produce a guide specifically for gamers in the UK on which DNS servers might be the best to use. Each country ideally needs its own article on the topic, as the “best” DNS servers for gamers in the US or Australia may not be the best for gamers in the UK or Europe, as they are so far apart geographically.

Here is a quick overview of the first DNS servers to try for British gamers:

  • Google DNS: Primary Secondary
  • Cloudflare: Primary Secondary
  • Quad DNS: Primary Secondary
  • FreeDNS: Primary Secondary
  • OpenDNS: Primary Secondary

The general process would be to test the speed of your current default DNS servers with your gaming console/PC, and then test these other servers one by one to see if there is any consistent (and not just one time) improvement in speed.

Again, even with these UK-specific servers, there won’t be a single answer that works for everyone, since the network is so complex and variable.

Some users may get a benefit by using one of these manual DNS servers; others may get the best performance from their default DNS servers assigned automatically by their ISP.

Let’s look at the issue in more detail, first going through the more obvious global DNS servers that players from around the world can try, and then moving on to the more localized ones in the UK.

Testing Global DNS Servers for Gaming

Let’s first cover the most global free DNS servers you can test for gaming. The best bet is Google’s DNS servers (Primary, as they have servers all over the world, so they may also work well for some users in Britain as they do for other users around the world. There are also some other global DNS server options to try.

We’ll cover the steps to manually change your DNS servers for the PS4 below, but the general process is the same for all game consoles – find your Connection Settings, switch to Manual/Custom Setup, go through all the settings as they are until you get to DNS Settings, then switch to Manual, enter the DNS server pair you want, and finish the setup.

Here are the steps to do this:

  • Go to Settings….Network……Set Up Internet Connection
  • Select Wi-Fi or LAN depending on your connection. Plug into your router and use wired if the wifi doesn’t work.
  • Select Custom setup
  • Run through all the settings as they are, without changing them, until you get to DNS Settings
  • For DNS Settings, switch to Manual
  • Input these Google DNS servers: Primary: Secondary:
  • Once configured test your internet connection a few times (Settings…..Network…..Test Internet Connection) to see if it delivers better download and upload speeds than the ones you were using before. Concentrate especially on Upload speeds if you are getting this problem when using SharePlay.
  • The general process is exactly the same for other games consoles – configure your Internet Connection manually, select Automatic for other settings, switch to manual for DNS Settings, and input the pair you want.
  • You can also use other free DNS servers; here are two common pairs:
      • Cloudflare DNS – Primary Secondary
      • Open DNS – Primary Secondary
      • Advanced option – use the DNS Benchmark Tool Opens in a new find your own optimum pair of DNS servers for your location. Needs to be downloaded and run and a PC. See section below for more.
  • See just below for a video demo of how to do this.


PS5 Video


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