Fixing PS4 Error Code NW-31246-6 (Multiple Solutions)

The NW-31246-6 error code is another networking error that can pop up from time to time on the PS4. A message usually comes up saying the PS4 cannot connect to the internet because the DNS settings are invalid.

The most common cause of this error is that the DNS Servers have not been specified in the connection settings. Entering them in manually (Google DNS and can often quickly solve this problem, and unplugging and resetting your PS4 and router for 15 minutes can also fix the error. Otherwise, reconfigure your entire connection as Automatic/Easy.

Lets look at the two main solutions in turn, followed by some other options to get rid of this error.

Solution #1 – Manually Configure Your DNS Servers

Looking through the forums where people have had trouble with this error code, this solution is the one that most commonly fixed it. The NW-31246-6 error code most often comes up because the DNS servers have not been configured, or entered incorrectly so the console cannot connect to the internet.

Fixing this is easy – you just need to go into your PS4’s internet settings and configure DNS! Here are the basic steps:

  • Go to Settings…..Network…..Set Up Internet Connection
  • Select Wi-Fi or LAN depending on your connection type
  • Select Custom
  • Run through all the settings as they are, without changing them, until you get to DNS Settings.
  • For DNS, switch to Manual.
  • Manually enter one of the following pairs of DNS servers in the Primary and Secondary boxes
      • Google DNS – Primary Secondary
      • Cloudflare DNS – Primary Secondary
      • See also our Best DNS for Gaming article for more pairs of DNS servers you can use. Google DNS are the most common and usually the most effective, as they have servers all over the world.
  • Save and test connection for see if it works. In most cases this should get you back online.
  • See the video below for a demonstration of how to do it.


Solution #2 – Do a Quick and/or Hard Reset of Your Router & PS4

If your DNS settings have already been specified, or entering them does not get rid of this error message, than another method that some users have found to work is simply to do a hard reset of the PS4 and the router.

Firstly, try just a quick reset/restart of your PS4 and router, and then try configuring your internet connection as described above in solution 1 – run through everything as default, and then manually input your DNS servers. If this doesn’t work, then you can try a full reset of your console and router.

This means powering both of them fully off, unplugging them for 15 minutes before plugging them back in again. This can refresh and reset all the networking settings, like IP address/DNS servers, back to default, and sometimes restores the connection if it failed before.

Solution #3 – Resolving IP Address Errors

Some users report that they get IP address error codes (“couldn’t find an IP address/IP timeout”, or something similar), when trying to fix this error code. This is likely due to the network settings being incorrectly configured initially, or in the process of trying to manually set your DNS servers, you made a mistake somewhere and knocked your network settings off course.

One way of fixing this is the 15 minute reset mentioned above, as it resets all settings, including the IP address, to default and should allow you to get back online. However, for users who don’t want to do this, or aren’t able to because other people are using the internet, here’s another option:

If you suddenly start getting IP address errors, you need to make sure you run through the exact manual DNS setting steps detailed above without making any mistakes or selecting Custom for any settings you don’t need to. Remember, you go to Settings….Network….Set Up Internet Connection, then select your connection type (Wi-Fi or LAN), then Custom.

After this, you need to run through all the settings as they are without modifying any of them. Only switch to manual when you get to DNS Settings. Don’t select “manual” for, or alter, any other settings; just click through them as they are without scrolling up or down until you get to DNS. IP should be set to Automatic

If you’re 100% sure you’ve done all this correctly, and you’re still now getting IP address errors, or have just got completely lost in the Settings, then you’ll need to reconfigure your connection again, entirely as Automatic/Default/Easy Settings.

Here are the steps for this:

  • Go to SettingsNetwork….Set Up Internet Connection.
  • Select Wi-Fi or LAN depending on your connection type
  • The embedded video above shows you how to get to this point.
  • This time though, select Easy instead of Custom
  • If on Wi-Fi, it may ask you to select your Wi-Fi network and/or enter your password. This is on the back of your router on a sticker.
  • Click all the buttons as they are, without changing anything. It should all be automatic and easy.
  • This should configure all your network settings as Default/Automatic, including the IP address, and should allow you to get back online.
  • Test the internet connection to make sure it can find the IP address now.
  • If, after doing this, your PS4 CAN find the IP address, but still gets a DNS or other error, then revert back to Solution #1, following the steps exactly as written down. Don’t manually customize any settings except DNS.
  • If your connection test takes a very long time, or the speeds are very poor, see the next section for more tips.

Obtain IP Address needs to be successful as a very first step. If it isn’t, reconfigure your connection as Easy/Auto

Solution #4 – Improve Your Connection

Another problem users seem to report when trying to fix this NW-31246-6 error is that when they’ve finished setting up the connection is instructed, Internet Connection tests either take too long, or don’t complete, or they even get an error message of “cannot connect within the time limit” or something similar.

If this is what’s happening with you, then the real issue is more likely a weak connection between your console and router, especially if using Wi-Fi.

You can try and move closer or move any obstructions out the way, but really the best way around this in general is to get off Wi-Fi altogether and just switch to a wired connection instead, as it will deliver a much better connection than Wi-Fi in almost all cases.

However, it’s true that running long cables through the house isn’t possible or practical for everyone, so an alternative option to get a wired connection to your router even when you’re a long way from it is to use a Powerline Adapter.

These are a kit of 2 adapters, one of which plugs in and connects to your router, the other of which plugs in and connects to your console. The two plugs then communicate through the existing house wiring to deliver a wired connection to your PS4, usually with much higher speeds and lower ping than if you are were to stay on Wi-Fi. There’s no need to run long cables through the house.

They can be a great way of bypassing Wi-Fi even if you are a long way from the router and keep getting these connection error messages, and using wired instead for a much more solid connection to your router.

You can find links to the TP Link Nano Powerline adapter pictured above, plus more advanced models, from different retailers, on our Powerline Adapters page.

If none of these methods are working to get you back online with this error code, then you are best contacting PlayStation Support for further advice.

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