Fixing PS4 Error NW-34345-9 – Multiple Solutions

The PS4 NW-34345-9 error often comes up when users are struggling in some way getting a wireless connection for their PS4 to get online. This can result when trying to use a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot or a home router with a weak signal.

The main fixes for NW-34345-9 depend on the method of connecting. If using a hotspot, you need to try and connect to a different access point and then move back to the original one. If on a home router, you need to either try and make your connection stronger, reset your PS4/router, or move onto a wired connection instead.

Whilst this error can show up in different contexts, the main underlying problem is usually a poor connection between the PS4 and whatever wireless access point you are trying to use. Finding a better way to connect, or else resetting all your settings and starting fresh, can often fix the problem.

Let’s look at some different solutions to this error in turn, depending on how you are trying to get your PS4 online.

Solutions if Connecting With a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Many PS4 users have found they get this error message when they try to connect their PS4 to some kind of local Wi-Fi hotspot, especially an Xfinity one in the States. In built up areas you can have multiple hotspots in range and either trying other hotspots or routers and then moving back to the original one often fixes the issue.

Here are some quick tips for resolving this error for hotspot users:

  • Try quick resetting your PS4.
  • Try hard resetting your PS4, unplugging for a few minutes and then powering back on.
  • Try signing onto another wireless router or hotspot with your PS4 – perhaps at a friend, neighbor or relative’s house – and then sign back onto the hotspot your want to use.
  • If you are using an Xfinity (or other) hotspot, then sign into your Xfinity (or other) account on your PlayStation’s browser once you get online using a friend’s router or other hotspot. This helps some people connect once they return to their usual hotspot they have been trying to use.
  • The Wi-Fi signal may simply be too weak. Try connecting to a closer router or hotspot, or moving onto a wired LAN connection.

Updating Your PS4 in Safe Mode

Another potential cause of this NW-34345-9 is simply that the PS4 system version is out of date and needs updating to the latest version. Once you do this in Safe Mode, sometimes the error message disappears and you can reconnect again on Wi-Fi.

Here are the general steps for updating your PS4 System Software:

  • Power your console off then power it back on in Safe Mode. To do this, press and hold the power button on the PS4 for 7 seconds. It will then boot in Safe Mode.
  • Once in Safe Mode, choose the Update System Software option and click Update via Internet. If the Wi-Fi still doesn’t work then connect direct to your router with ethernet or go around to a friend’s house and use their internet instead to install the update.
  • A system update should download. Once complete, reboot in normal mode.
  • This update fixes the problem sometimes. If it doesn’t then there are other things you can try, which we will go into more detail about below.


If your Wi-Fi is so weak that you cannot even get online to install the necessary update to your PS4, then you need to find a way to get on someone else’s connection – perhaps go round to a friend, neighbor or relative’s house and use their internet on wired or Wi-Fi to install the update.

Solutions if Connecting to a Home Router

When people are getting this NW-34345-9 error message but are connecting to their own router rather than a hotspot, then it most often occurs because their Wi-Fi connection is simply too weak to get a good signal. This is a common problem with the PS4, which is known for it’s connection problems.

Here are some quick tips if you are having this problem on a wireless home network connection:

  • Reset your router and PS4.
  • Make sure your router is updated to the latest firmware.
  • Move your PS4 and router closer together.
  • Restore the Default Settings on your PS4, by entering Safe Mode as per instructed in the section above, but selecting the Default Settings option instead. Resets network settings to default but does not delete any data.
  • Leaving your PS4 in Rest Mode for a long time can cause these errors. Turn it fully off and unplug for a few minutes before restarting.
  • If you are getting NAT errors, or are on NAT 3 when you try to test your connection, then try using DMZ settings to place your console on Open NAT and fully open it up to the internet for the best connection.

A lot of the PS4 NW Error Codes we cover on this site boil down to this fundamental issue of wireless connections being unreliable and dropping out over distance. This is why it is better to be on a wired connection rather than Wi-Fi if at all possible, since they always deliver a more solid and reliable connection than wireless, especially the further you get from the router.

If you are two far away from the router to be running a long ethernet cable directly, then a powerline adapter is an excellent home networking solution to consider. Powerline kits are a pair of adapter plugs with ethernet ports on them that can be used to turn your wall socket into an internet connection, bypassing Wi-Fi and getting you onto a stronger wired connection even at distance from the router.

You plug one adapter in and connect it to your router; you plug the other adapter in and connect it to your device. The two plugs then communicate through the electrical circuitry of the house to deliver an internet connection to your PS4.

Copper wiring can transmit data as well as electricity and powerline adapters take advantage of this fact to deliver wired connections to rooms further away from the router. They can be a good alternative if you keep finding your Wi-Fi to be unreliable and weak on your PS4.

See the video just below for a 2 minute demonstration of how powerline adapters work


You can find links to the TP Link Nano Powerline adapter pictured above, plus more advanced models, from different retailers, on our Powerline Adapters page.

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