Solving PS4 Error NW-31473-8 – Multiple Solutions

The PS4 NW-31473-8 error code often comes up with a message saying the connection has timed out, possibly due to either the PlayStation Network being down or because of a weak or unstable network connection.

This one is a more obscure error message and does not appear so often, but often relates to either a weak connection between the console and the PS4, or a conflicting NAT type. There are standard solutions to both these issues which we have covered extensively elsewhere on this blog. Sometimes this error also appears simply because the PlayStation Network is down.

The main steps to fix this problem are to make sure your Wi-Fi connection is as strong as possible or preferably switch to a wired connection instead, using a long ethernet cable or a powerline adapter. NAT type issues can be solved by using some kind of port forwarding such as DMZ settings.

The very first thing to do when you see this error message is to check the current status of the PlayStation Network or PSN – you can do so here. If the PSN is down then it is usually a matter of waiting until it is back up again.

The next thing to try with this error message though is to simply power cycle the router and PS4, which means simply fully powering them off and unplugging them for 10-15 minutes before plugging them back in. This sometimes refreshes the network settings and restores a decent signal if this is what is causing the error.

If this option doesn’t get rid of this error message, or PSN isn’t down, then it’s time to try some more in depth solutions. Let’s look at using port forwarding first to improve the connectivity of your console.

Use DMZ Settings to Bypass Firewall Filtering

One possible cause of this NW-31473-8 error code is that there is some kind of firewall filtering on your router or network that is blocking connectivity and stopping your PS4 reaching the wider internet.

Some networks run under very strict security settings and this can interfere with connectivity for online gaming, leading to NAT type issues and other connection issues which make it difficult to get online.

The best way to overcome this is to implement some kind of port forwarding on your router and PS4 to remove this filtering and fully open it up to the internet for the best possible connection to servers and other gamers.

We have covered the different ways to do this in our full article on port forwarding. There is a manual and technically correct way to do port forwarding on your router but for console gamers, we prefer using the DMZ method as it is the easiest way to implement port forwarding and is safe to use for games consoles.

Here are the general steps to configure DMZ settings for your PS4:

  • Prep – Log into your router using it’s IP address (often or 1.1 for last two) plus password found on the back or online. Find DMZ settings and check whether it asks for an IP address or MAC address to configure. MAC address is easier option. If it requires IP address then follow the steps in the video to set a static IP address.
  • Find and note down your console’s IP and/or MAC address in the Connection Status/Settings menu depending on what the router needs entering. These settings are easy to find within the menus of all games consoles.
  • If required make the current IP address fixed or static by reconfiguring your connection manually with the IP address as described in this video. We also have an article on how to do it hereIf the router only requires a MAC address entering in DMZ then you don’t need to do this step.
  •  Log into your router using it’s IP address and password, found on the back or on Google. or 1.1 is most common for the IP address. Type this into your browser’s address bar and enter the router password.
  •  Go to DMZ settings, usually under “Security” or “Advanced” or similar.
  •  Enter in your console’s static IP address you just configured if needed, or MAC address depending on what it asks for. If it asks for just the MAC address the whole process is easy; some routers ask for an IP address which requires we configure a static IP as detailed above.
  •  Save settings and exit router. You have now placed your console in the DMZ for fully open ports and Open NAT type.
  • The Open NAT Type allows for the best party and lobby connections possible and should allow you to avoid NAT conflicts and errors with other gamers.
  • See our full article on DMZ settings for more on this.


Doing this has a couple of benefits. Firstly, it removes all firewall filtering and gives your PS4 the most open connection to the internet possible.

Secondly, it puts your console on Open NAT Type, which is the best possible type for console gaming and allows you to connect easily with all other gamers, as opposed to the more restrictive NAT Types like 3 which often cause errors.

Resolving Unstable Connections on Wireless

If this error message is coming up due to an unstable or weak connection, it is most likely because you are using Wi-Fi to connect your PS4 instead of a wired connection. The best option for gamers is always to be on wired rather than wireless connections for a number of reasons – see our full article which explains why.

Here are some steps to try to improve wireless connections:

  • Quick and full resets of your router and PS4.
  • Making sure your router is updated to the latest firmware.
  • Moving your PS4 and router closer together.
  • Using a range extender may improve the wireless signal over shorter distances, but only as a last resort if you can’t get on a wired connection.

However, the better long term solution for PS4 gamers is to get on a wired ethernet connection if possible. If you are too far away from the router to run an ethernet cable directly, then a powerline adapter is an excellent next best solution that allows for a wired connection to your router without using long cables.

Powerline adapter kits consist of a pair of plugs that are placed into wall outlets, with one being connected to your router and the other being connected to your device. The two plugs then communicate through the existing electrical wiring of the house to deliver a wired ethernet connection to your PS4.

They are clever home networking solutions which allow you to bypass Wi-Fi and deliver a reliable and low latency connection to your console, without any complex setup or DIY. They are simple plug and play devices and are worth considering for gamers who are struggling to get a reliable connection on Wi-Fi.

See the video just below for a quick demo of how powerline technology works.


You can find links to the TP Link Nano Powerline adapter pictured above, plus more advanced models, from different retailers, on our Powerline Adapters page.

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